Green Printing Practices

One of the current trends in the world of printing is the use of increasingly profitable printing systems that guarantee the highest quality and are responsible and preserving the clean environment and natural beauty in which we work and play every day. Impremta Novagràfic we have worked hard in this direction and  these is the list with some of the most common practices to preserve the ecological printing:


Waterless offset

Actually the plates and inks are updated so they can use the smallest amount of water while ensuring higher color densities and finer lines. There are many benefits to waterless printing, including:  constant print quality and  optimal efficiency and productivity.


Dyes natural oils printing

Mineral oils have traditionally been used in the printing practices. However, the latest innovations in the development of dyes based on natural oils makes it increasingly less use of dyes with a greater impact on the environment.


Using Less Paper

Allways that we make a print job is wasted paper: cuts, test sheets before starting a print run, errors, … We try to minimize these waste and reuse or recycle as much as possible.


Paper source

The ecological paper is that has been made taking into account standars of sustainability and respect for the environment during manufacture, we use ecological paper and with responsibility.


These are some of the practices what we can try to carry out in  Impremta Novagráfic we allow us to contribute to preserve the enviroment.


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